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Race, Class, and Politics


The answer to GOP dog whistles? Democrats should talk more about race, not less

with Anat Shenker-Osorio
Washington Post

August 22, 2018



Race, class and justice: After the midterms, a new way forward for Democrats

conversation with Chauncey Devega,

November 6, 2018



How a ‘Race-Class Narrative’ Can Work for Democrats

Elaine Godfrey
The Atlantic

August 10, 2018



The Way Forward For Democrats Is To Address Both Class And Race

with Robert Reich
The Nation

December 12, 2016



This Is How Trump Convinces His Supporters They’re Not Racist

The Nation

August 2, 2016



How Populists Like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

with Heather McGhee
The Nation

January 18, 2016



Race and Economic Jeopardy for All: A Framing Paper for Defeating Dog Whistle Politics


January, 2016



Rudy Giuliani Is Not Feeling the Love

Huffington Post

February 23, 2014



Thurgood Marshall Condemned Chokeholds in 1983


December 12, 2014



Liberals Wrongly Repeat the Race Hustler Attack

Huffington Post

November 4, 2014



Ebola Fearmongering: The Right’s New Dog Whistle

Moyers and Company

October 17, 2014



How the Politics of Immigration is Driving Mass Deportation

Moyers and Company

October 7, 2014



Dog Whistling About ISIS — and Latinos Too

Moyers and Company

September 30, 2014



Is It Racist to Seek White Votes?

Huffington Post

September 13, 2014



The Biggest Bigot, and Other Colorblind Lies

Moyers and Company

September 4, 2014



The Humanity of Michael Brown

Moyers and Company

August 27, 2014



Race, Genetics, and Voting

Moyers and Company

July 18, 2014



The Problem with Color-Blind Justice

Moyers and Company

May 1, 2014



Cliven Bundy and the Soul of Modern Conservativism

Moyers and Company

April 30, 2014



Is Paul Ryan Racist?


March 14, 2014



Six Case Studies in Dog Whistle Politics

Moyers and Company

February 28, 2014




Intentional Blindness

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On the Necessity and Challenges of Race Scholarship

Race, Law and Society




Colorblind White Dominance

White By Law: The Legal Construction of Race




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