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pbs_newshour_20190717The Ugliness of “Go Back!”

PBS NewsHour
July 17, 2019

Trump wants the country to debate whether he’s a bigot. Why is that?


real_news_network_20181101How Trump’s Racist Campaigning Serves ‘Rule by the Rich’

The Real News Network
November 1, 2018

Unveiling a racist, anti-immigrant ad just days ahead of the midterms, Donald Trump is making unprecedented use of a decades-old “dog whistle” political strategy that demonizes people of color in the service of policies that benefit “rule by the rich,” says UC Berkeley law professor and author Ian Haney López


netroots_20181019Racist History of Political Campaign Ads

Racist History
October 19, 2018

The 2018 elections have been littered with race-baiting, dog-whistling campaign ads—mostly from GOP candidates. And while it seems especially bad this time around, its actually nothing new.


netroots_20180803Netroots Nation Featured Presentation

Netroots Nation
August 3, 2018

Race-Class: How to Build a Truly Multiracial Movement for Racial Justice and Shared Prosperity for All


media_demos_20160606Donald Trump’s racism isn’t just racism–it’s a strategy

Demos, Move-On, Inequality Media
June 6, 2016

A new and enduring progressive majority rests of getting past racial divisions and recognizing that we have to pull government back onto the side of everybody,


media_demos_201603Dog Whistle Politics Explained in Under 4 Minutes

Demos, Move-On
March 12, 2016

We can’t fix economic inequality without addressing racism. Ian and Heather C. McGhee, President of Demos.


mm_vid_1Dog Whistle Politics of Race Part 1

Moyers and Company
February 28/ March 7, 2014

What do Cadillac-driving “welfare queens,” a “food stamp president” and the “lazy, dependent and entitled” 47 percent tell us about post-racial America? They’re all examples of a type of coded racism that this week’s guest, Ian Haney López, writes about in his new book, Dog Whistle Politics.


mm_vid_2Dog Whistle Politics of Race Part 2

Moyers and Company
February 28/ March 7, 2014

This week on Moyers & Company, Bill continues his conversation with author and legal scholar Ian Haney López about dog whistle politics – code words that use race to turn Americans against each other.


mm_20160630Politically Re-Active Podcast

By First Look Media / Panoply
June 29, 2016

On the first episode of this brand new show, comedians W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu start digging into the strange facets of our political system. Berkeley professor Ian Haney-López joins them to talk about dog whistling in politics. | Apple Podcast


mm_audio_01This is Hell!

April 19, 2015

Law professor Ian Haney López explores the history of racism in the modern political process, from Nixon’s Southern Strategy to the cynicism of Clinton’s welfare attacks, and explains why fear and racism succeed in getting Americans to vote against their own interests.



Larry King
October 2014

Ian Haney Lopéz  joins Larry King live on PolitcKING.


Big Change Baltimore 2014

October 2014

Ian Haney Lopéz shares statistics that show Republicans and Democrats depend on voters deeply divided by race.


mm_vid_6Obama in ‘active stealth mode’ to reach black voters

November 1, 2014

President Obama is using the reach and influence of popular African American radio hosts to secure black voters for Democrats in the midterm elections.’s Kai Wright, Ian Haney-Lopez from Demos and Cristina Beltran from New York University join to discuss.


mm_vid_5Navigating the changing face of America

November 1, 2014

The MHP panel talks about “the nod” when it comes to people of color acknowledging each other in elite spaces that are still overwhelmingly white.


Ronald Reagan’s Racially Tinged Stunt Speeches

Moyers and Company
February 27, 2014

In Dog Whistle Politics, author and legal scholar Ian Haney López describes how politicians use subtle, racially coded messages — “dog whistles” — to manipulate Americans in the voting booth. One early example, Haney López says, is a story Ronald Reagan told on the campaign trail during his first run for president in 1976.


mm_vid_3Dog Whistle Politics

TEDx Oregon
February 9, 2014

Race. Racism. Politics. Critical race theory. Constitutional law. Professor Ian Haney-López is the John H. Boalt Professor of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, where he teaches in the areas of race and constitutional law. He has a BA, an MA (Washington University), an MPA, (Princeton), and a law degree (Harvard.)


mm_vid_4Book Discussion on Dog Whistle Politics

C-Span Book TV
January 13, 2014

Ian Haney-Lopez, a senior fellow at Demos, talked about his book, Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class, in which he argues that politicians regularly use veiled racist appeals when discussing issues like crime, immigration, and entitlements to gain white and poor voter support.


mm_vid_8Disrupt with Karen Finney

January 11, 2014

Ian Haney López and Demos’ Heather McGhee discuss Dog Whistle Politics on MSNBC’s Disrupt with Karen Finney


mm_vid_7Democracy Now

January 7, 2014

We look at how politicians have used coded racial appeals to win support for cuts to social programs since the 1960s with Ian Haney López, author of the new book, “Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism & Wrecked the Middle Class.”