Race-Class Narrative Project

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The Race-Class Narrative Project conducted interviews and ran a series of focus groups and polls in 2017 and 2018. The goal was to craft messages capable of beating the Right’s dog whistle racial fear narrative. The project succeeded. Here’s the research.

You can read the topline results here.

Here are the detailed results:

Full national report (c4 version)

California full report (c4 version)

California handout (c3 version)

Indiana full report (c4 version)

Indiana handout (c4 version)

Ohio full report (c4 version)

Ohio handout (c4 version)

Minnesota full report (c4 version)

Minnesota handout (c4 version)


Race-Class-Messaging-GuideA race-class messaging guide to protests, white racism, and “law and order”

This is a critical moment for our society. The murder of George Floyd struck the match. The gasoline is decades of government violence against communities of color, and more recently, the clear message from those at the top that the rest of us are on our own as we face a global pandemic, crushing unemployment, and low-wage jobs that require us to put our lives on the line. Protests are erupting nationwide, while the president seeks political advantage by calling for more violence.

Among progressives, the most prevalent frame right now involves speaking out against white racism. Yet this is a “yes, and” moment for progressives: Yes, racism is the problem, and people from every racial group must pull together to confront racism and to build a larger sense of “we.”

This messaging guide aims to help progressives understand–and speak powerfully to–our present and our future. Please share it widely.


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How a ‘Race-Class Narrative’ Can Work for Democrats

Elaine Godfrey
The Atlantic

August 10, 2018