"In the Shadow of Power: Poverty in Washington, D.C.," Open Society Foundations
By: Kike Arnal

books_cover_1Dog Whistle Politics

How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class

Dog Whistle Politics offers a sweeping account of how over the last half century politicians have exploited racial pandering to build resentment toward government that in turn leads many voters to support policies that favor the very wealthiest while hurting everyone else…

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books_cover_2White by Law

The Legal Construction of Race (10th Anniversary Edition)

White by Law traces court cases interpreting the requirement that persons be “white” in order to naturalize, on the books until 1952. The courts sought uncertain refuge in criteria that included skin color, facial features, national origin, language, culture, ancestry, and scientific opinion, only to ultimately rely on what the courts themselves labeled “common knowledge.”




Racism on TrialRacism on Trial

The Chicano Fight for Justice

Racism on Trial tells the astounding story of how young Mexican Americans in Los Angeles entered the civil rights movement to protest inferior schools, and ended up rejecting the claim to white identity embraced by their parents in favor of a “brown and proud” racial identity as Chicanos.

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